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According to a study published in the 2014 Journal of Paramedical Science and Rehabilitation , 35 women reported that sinus headaches tended to decrease after receiving facial massage therapy. Likewise in a separate study conducted on male athletes who have chronic sinusitis , facial massage can reduce numbness and pressure on the face due to sinusitis. So there is no doubt that facial massage therapy is considered effective against sinusitis.

But unfortunately, experts still need further research and analysis to prove the effect of facial massage on sinusitis. Until now it has not been known whether the massage effect can overcome the sinus in the long term or not.

Some licensed massage therapists advise you to do a facial massage regularly to treat sinusitis that likes to recur. Most importantly, always talk to the therapist if your face feels painful or uncomfortable while having a massage.

A safe way to massage your face when experiencing sinusitis
To be safer, you should consult a doctor before you try a sinus massage. The doctor will first see how severe sinusitis you are experiencing and whether you need or not to do facial massage therapy. Instead of curing, careless facial massage therapy can actually worsen your sinusitis.

Actually, you can also do your own facial massage to make it more comfortable. You can set yourself how much pressure on the face does not cause pain. However, if you are in doubt, it’s okay to ask for help from a certified therapist to massage your sinus area.

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