Cooking Tips for Kitchen Spices to Be Bad and Poor

ood cooking can indeed make dishes on the table so delicious to eat. However, the delicacy of these foods is not only judged by your cooking ability, you know. Vegetables and food ingredients must be fresh. Likewise with the kitchen spices. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are mistaken for storing it. Don’t worry, see how to store kitchen spices so that they remain of good quality.

How to store kitchen spices to keep them quality
Maintaining the quality of kitchen ingredients means maintaining the nutritional value in it. So that you can still benefit from pepper, chili, fennel, and other kitchen spices to the fullest, how to save, buy and use it must also be true. The following tips will help you store kitchen spices properly and correctly, such as:

1. Don’t let the kitchen ingredients fall apart

Every time you finish cooking, you might place the container with origin and forget to tidy it up again. Arranging kitchen spice containers in origin, it will make it difficult for you later. The kitchen spice container can fall because it is knocked down and contaminates the cupboard. This can also make it difficult for you to find a spice that you use often because of its chaotic location.

So, don’t be lazy to tidy up the kitchen spice container to its original place. Arrange kitchen spice containers that are often used in locations that are easily accessible.

2. Store in the right container and buy as needed

Vegetables and fruit are very easy to rot when compared with kitchen spices. Even though it lasts a long time, the kitchen seasoning will also decrease in quality. In order to stay durable, you need to store kitchen spices in the appropriate container.

For kitchen spices in the form of powder or dry, such as pepper, pepper, or aniseed, it should be placed in a container with a tight lid. While for citrus leaves, ginger , galangal, kencur, turmeric, chili, and onions that are in full form you can place them in an open container. However, if it has been peeled or partially cut, keep the rest in the refrigerator.

Also, consider buying supplies of kitchen spices as needed. Don’t, buy too much if it’s rarely used. Remember, the quality of powdered kitchen ingredients generally lasts for one year. Moreover, the sharpness of the taste and smell will decrease. In fact, it can cause a strange feeling or rancid if the storage is incorrect.

Don’t forget to check all  kitchen spices regularly. This helps you to check inventory while removing kitchen ingredients that are not suitable for consumption.

3. Consider providing a special wardrobe

Light, air, heat, and humidity are enemies of kitchen spices. That’s why you need a dry and dark place, like a closet. If the cabinet is not possible, you can use an open shelf attached to the wall.

However, place the shelf away from exposure to direct sunlight from the window gap. Choose plastic containers or cans that are opaque in color and the lid tight.

Then, label the name of the herb on the front of the container so that you are not confused when you want to use it. Do not place different spices on the same container because it can damage the taste of the spices. Before use, first wash the container clean.

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