Remember, These Are the 4 Locations of Insulin Injection in the Body that the Doctor Suggests

Insulin cannot be injected anywhere. This blood sugar controlling hormone can only be absorbed maximally in certain body parts. The most appropriate location for injecting insulin is in the subcutaneous fat layer called the subcutaneous tissue with a device containing a small needle.

Location of injection of insulin in the body
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Here are some locations for insulin injections that are usually recommended by doctors, namely:

1. Stomach

Stomach is the location of injection of insulin which is the most targeted by people with diabetes. In this one part of the body insulin is absorbed most quickly to enter the bloodstream. In addition, the stomach is also an easily accessible body part that facilitates the injection process.

To inject insulin in this one part of the body, select the area under the rib cage. Then, take fatty tissue between the two sides of the waist and hips. Try to take fatty tissue about 5 to 6 cm from the navel.

Also, avoid stomach areas that have scars , moles, or skin defects. This is because these conditions can interfere with insulin absorption. For more effective absorption, you should inject it immediately after you eat.

2. Upper arm

In addition to the stomach, the upper arm becomes one of the locations of other insulin injections. Unlike the stomach, insulin injections in this section have a lower absorption rate. Later, you will inject insulin into the fatty area on the back of the arm (triceps area), which is between the shoulder and elbow.

Preferably, inject into the arm that is not used dominantly for example the left arm for right -handed people and the right arm in left-handed people . One disadvantage of injecting into this one part is that it cannot be done alone. Therefore, you need help from others to inject it.

3. Thighs

Thighs are one of the insulin injection sites that are very easy to reach. However, the level of insulin absorption in the thigh is the slowest compared to other parts. In addition, even though it’s easy to reach, usually injecting insulin in your thighs makes you feel uncomfortable when running or walking.

Preferably, inject the front of the thigh in the middle between the upper knee and thigh. To inject it, take a fatty thigh front of about 2.5 to 5 cm.

4. Lower back or hip

The lower back or hip is an alternative location for other insulin injections. However, similar to the hip thigh, this location is the area that absorbs the slowest. In addition, you also need help from others to inject it because of its location behind the body.

Position the needle later around the top of the buttocks between the hips. Exactly, at the distance between the spine and the side below the waist.

Do not inject insulin in the same location repeatedly
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Try to remember the location of insulin injections every day. Because, you are not recommended to inject into the exact same part every day. If done, this method can actually cause skin irritation and underlying fat tissue. If this happens, you will feel discomfort such as pain and various other complications.

In addition, quoted from Medical News Today , injecting insulin to the same point repeatedly can also cause hard lumps under the skin. This condition besides making you uncomfortable can also affect the absorption of the drug.

However, in one day you still have to inject it in the same body part. For example, if today the location of the injection of insulin chosen is the left thigh in the morning, for the next dose is done on the right thigh. Likewise, if you inject it in the stomach, choose a different point each injection, which is about a few centimeters from the previous injection.

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