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Cancer can happen to anyone, both elderly and children. As long as patients get treatment early, the spread of cancer can still be controlled. Unfortunately, there are still patients who refuse cancer treatment. If your family faces a situation like this, what should be done? Come on, see the best way to deal with patients who choose not to continue the following cancer treatments.

How to deal with patients who refuse cancer treatment
As a family of cancer patients, you certainly care deeply about their health. Always provide support so that the quality of life of patients becomes better. However, this will be very difficult for you if the patient chooses not to continue cancer treatment. To deal with this situation, there are a number of things you can do, including:

1. Ask carefully what is the reason for the patient

You definitely want a family member who has cancer , recovering from his illness, right? At least, patients can live longer to spend beautiful time with you.

Unfortunately, not all patients think so. They refused to cooperate and chose to quit treatment. So, what wise steps should you take? The first thing you do is ask the reason why patients don’t want to continue cancer treatment.

This is the first step you can take to approach it. Ask this calmly, softly, and choose a good word so the patient will open up and tell you the reason.

2. Don’t force and understand the reason

Even if what you want is a very good thing for him, forcing patients is not the right way. He may rebel, be more difficult to deal with, and his relationship with you will get worse. Likewise, by allowing him to constantly refuse cancer treatment, his condition will certainly worsen.

You need to know if the patient has the right to decide whether to continue cancer treatment or not . So, asking for pasiem reasons is your way to show attention and empathy to him. On this occasion, you don’t just listen to it.

Try to express your opinion, so that the patient also understands the feelings you want him to heal and is always healthy. Persuade the patient so he wants to take chemotherapy , radiotherapy , or other cancer treatments.

3. Invite the patient to consult with a doctor

If the patient is still refusing cancer treatment, it is important for him to ascertain whether the decision is the right thing or not. So, you need to get the patient to consult a doctor. Explanation of a doctor who understands treatment as well as his health, may be able to upload the hearts of patients to go back to treatment.

4. Provide supportive care

The previous steps you have taken, but the patient still firmly refuses treatment to make your spirit loose. Even though you can’t persuade a patient, it doesn’t mean you just give up. The best thing you can do is always support and encourage whatever the decision of a cancer patient .

At this time, you still have the last move so that patients stay healthy. Is that? Offer palliative care instead of chemotherapy, radiation, or other treatments that the patient rejects. In Indonesia, palliative care is still fairly rare, but it doesn’t hurt for patients to try it. Explain if this treatment can help patients feel better emotionally and physically.

This treatment will be handled by a doctor, nurse, or medical team that specializes in dealing with cancer patients. They will treat patients to relieve symptoms while helping patients live better even though they have a serious illness.

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